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    Is there a way to disable all Adobe Animate alerts/prompts?


    For example, I would like to disable the prompt when converting from one document type to another.


    Kind Regards,

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    Look for the call-out box at the right bottom corner: .


    If you get a phone number you can also try to call Adobe.

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    Ok, both of these products are EOL (end of life). So Adobe haven't changed anything for years. But maybe the system has changed. Are these files saved to the local hard drive, or to a network drive?

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    Yes. Tested in 11.5.
    May i ask what you are using for localisation?

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    problem has been solved. The Firewall had been set too strictly.

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    Check this thread and run pngquaint.exe through virustotal which is linked there. I suspect a false positive.


    Pngquant and Microsoft Security Essentials

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    Whatever you did likely had nothing to do with the plug-in but rather was a glitch due to inadequate hardware or just a coincidence of edges being at specific angles to not produce sub-pixel sampling. I'm not aware of a 100% way to turn this stuff off, but of course you can play around with the various options in the render quality section that lower the output quality like using preview/ draft mode or doing weird stuff like adding overcranked lights to the scene that cause shader clipping.



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    Turn off the "Sequence" option at the bottom of the import dialog.



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  • 07/24/19--01:20: Re: Scroll Depth Tracking
  • Hi,

    Thanks for explaining it. I have implemented the same with Adobe Analytic Extension in Launch. Do I need to create a separate Rule after this or this will work globally with all the pages?



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    I managed to use the technique with distributing the layers with no problem. But I notice that I'd like my layers to be positioned a little bit closer. And in some instances, a little bit farther away. So is there also a way to be able to arrange the space between layer distances when I do the distribution technique?


    I also noticed this panel here, which I don't seem to have the option.



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  • 07/24/19--01:20: Re: Recovery of code
  • osgood_  a écrit


    If you are following the OP they have 2 pages of uncomplicated code and the suggestion by you and another frequent contributor is to use Git, thats over kill in my opinion.

    at no time, I recommended using GIT.


    If you reread my comments on this thread, I simply indicated that GIT was not a back up system and I tried to describe a personal use case, and where only one developer can be involved, not necessarily a team.


    and I can add, that I didn't find my own answers useful

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    Hi Carlos,


    It freezes at different parts, whenever I do anything (cropping a clip, copy-pasting, etc). There is not really much to see, just the pointer turns into the thinking circumference and the software freezes.


    And that happens having only premiere open, using proxies, 1/4 playback and FX silenced. I checked the memory and CPU usage while it happens and it's nowhere to critical, that's why I'm not sure if upgrading the machine would help.


    Also, when I work in small projects to edit 2-3 minute videos, it works fine.


    Thanks a lot for your support.


    PS: I'm at the moment looking for editing suites to rent, in order to finish my project.

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    Ich habe die CC auf meinem Rechner installiert. Ein Kollege möchte mit Robo help arbeiten, welches nicht in meinem Abo enthalten ist. Wenn der Kollege Robo help installiert, kann ich dann auf meinem Rechner währenddessen in meinem Abo weiter arbeiten? Kann mir jemand helfen?


    Nachricht geändert durch INA WEGMERSHAUS

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    Our user noticed it started occurring last week. And it is a network share. It's her very own network share folder that she is trying to save a copy to.

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    I have this issue too. In my case it occurs when I try to add any title from Graphics.

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    I have successfully created an animated button symbol with all the different states. The exported html page clearly shows the different button states. The thing is that I cannot preview the button states inside Animate because 'Control> Enable Simple Buttons' is grayed.  How can I enable it?

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    Vous devriez sauvegarder vos données (avec TimeMachine) et procéder à la réparation de votre disque. Pour cela suivez les instructions que vous donne Apple.
    (N'oubliez pas de sauvegarder).


    De plus vous avez fait des partions à ce que je vois.
    Ce n'est pas une très bonne chose sur Mac.

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    How is this an answer? I have this error message and it is not related to multi cam it occurs when I add a title.

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    ストックイラストのサイトをいくつかチラッと見てみましたが確かに規定でIllustrator 8などのEPS形式を要求されているところが多いですね。


    指定がIllustrator 8~10・Illustrator 8~CS2などであれば、なるべくバージョンが高い方がまだ変換がマシになります。先の例であればIllustrator 8よりIllustrator 10、Illustrator CS2です。



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    It's working again. I'm on Windows 10, GTX 1080 Ti and have the latest drivers installed.


    Thanks for the fix. Took some time, caused huge headaches, lost some money, but here we are.

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    Try it. It's 30$ and a 673$ value. And it's 95% off...


    I am sceptical at such numbers...and I see nowhere a hint of a teaser.


    When you try, please let us know the value.

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    I also noticed this panel here, which I don't seem to have the option.

    Is the three-squares-icon missing in the Options Bar?

    Please post a screenshot.


    One could create a Script (and somebody probably already did) to distribute Layers with a certain distance between them.

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    Hi there,


    When I try to setup reporting for my project, the LMS and Standard drop-downs are empty. And if I click configure, Adobe captivate does not respond and I have to force quit it. Any ideas?


    PS: I'm running the 2019 Release (


    Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 09.29.37.png

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  • 07/24/19--01:33: Change status sent forms
  • Hi, i use aem 6.4.

    I want to change forms status from sent to pending or draft in base of choose of workspace user.


    In the web application i use two pages:

    1)CreateClaim: where i put data like name, surname, birth day and problem description.

       Component used: Search&Lister

    2)MyClaim: where i can look all my sent, saved and pending forms.

       Component used: Drafts&Submissions


    How can i change status of sent forms? Where do they stored?


    Thanks to the support

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    So does this mean it's only possible to have one text thread flowing

    throughout the document?


    On Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 3:04 PM Jeff Witchel, ACI <>

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    I have this really annoying thing, that now on every LR start, the program converts my presets to xmp-s. Okay, I get it, should be done once after install, but why it is on every start? This is since maybe a month, never was before.


    Best regards, Zoltan

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    Guten Tag zusammen


    ich habe gerade ein etwas merkwürdiges Problem:


    In InDesign erstelle ich ein Dokument das ein kleines "Menü" beinhaltet mit dem ich das Dokument später drucken, es zurücksetzen und/oder einen "Stempel" einblenden kann. Soweit funktioniert alles. Das komplette Menü soll später auf einem eventuellen Ausdruck aber nicht zu sehen sein. Nehme ich also bei PDF Funktionen den Haken bei "Druckbar" raus  - Formular zurücksetzen und Drucken verstehen was ich will - die Einblendfunktion des Stempels aber nicht. Das wird jedes mal wieder mitgedruckt obwohl der Haken nicht gesetzt ist. Auch wenn ich die Aktion in Acrobat erneut setze (da "Sichtbar, aber nicht drucken" nicht übernommen wurde) wird diese auch dort nicht übernommen.


    Einziger Anhaltspunkt ist, dass die Optionen nicht übernommen werden, weil nicht alle Elemente von Anfang an eingeblendet sind - aber es kann doch nicht sein, dass sich Einstellungen wegen so etwas einfach zurücksetzen.


    Gibt es einen Workaround auf den ich noch nicht gekommen bin? Eine JavaScript-Zeile die ich den Elementen hinzufügen kann um sie vom Druck auszuschließen?


    Vielen Dank schonmal für eure Hilfe!

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    first of all, thanks for your help!

    I meant to use read mode by default and always, as you said, its not possible.

    there is nothing else i will do that will help because i will just continue to get in the PDF and use read mode.


    is there a way to suggest or request a new feature from adobe to add to the new version?

    while i searched for a solution i saw a lot of people wants that feature and for a long time also.



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    Thank you for the reply. Is it a case of using shapes etc and start from new to recreate the logo then?  I'm asking this as this is what I currently do, and presume that it is practice with the software and getting to know how it works.

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    rewb0rn, out of curiosity, why export to SWF (ultimately AIR) for mobile from Haxe/OpenFL, when you have the ability to export to native?

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    Hi SamBirch ,

    doc.sections come with method remove() .

    You cannot remove ALL sections. Only all that come after the first section with page 1 of the document.


    Try this code if you want to do this:


    var doc = app.documents[0];
    if( doc.sections.length > 1 )
    {    doc.sections.itemByRange(1,-1).remove();


    See into itemByRange() that is working on the collection of sections of a document.

    For the from parameter I set value 1 which is the second item of the collection.

    For the to parameter I set value -1 which is the last item of the collection.




    will not work and throws error number 19462 which is the error $ID/kCantDeleteDefaultSection .



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    yes mine are missing on my bar.



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    Even the newest version of InDesign keeps on having problems with Word documents. One of the things it cannot handle well (or at all, YMMV) is documents containing tracked changes -- see for instance the recent Some Numbers are missing while importing RTF into InDesign


    So, my step #1 is to accept all tracked changes in Word and re-saving before importing.

    If that does not work, find a Word macro to convert footnotes to endnotes; import into InDesign; convert endnotes to footnotes.

    If that is too much extra work on a regular basis, indeed the 3rd (and usually final) attempt is to convert to .doc and use that.


    The .doc format uses a slightly different character encoding than .docx (or maybe InDesign properly handles the latter but not the former) and instead of proper Unicode characters, it uses the now obsolete Latin1 Character Encoding for basic characters. Yes, it's the Revenge of The Microsoft Code Pages all over again! InDesign cannot deal with these and so you get the boxes for 'unknown characters'. But it should be consistent: a basic find-and-replace of each box with the proper character will fix it.


    If you are on Windows, call up the Character Map and select a regular font such as Arial. In the "Character set" dropdown, select "Windows: Western". Now, for instance, if you find a box with a code '0x96', hover the mouse over the character map until you find it -- the characters are sorted by their Windows code but will actually display the Unicode as well:



    Using Text Find/Change, change all "<0096>" to "<2013>"; rinse and repeat for all other boxes. If you need to do this a lot, you can use the standard FindChangeByList script for this as well!

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    XXTwnz  wrote


    I'm stunned to image what idiot designed and wrote PS so that it doesn't have any means to resize the main window to the size of the current display.  Instead they idiotically draw all of the operating system window management controls off the screen. They ignorantly assume that the size of the window from the last time you launched it would be the same next time.  It never occurred to Adobe that people might have a large monitor one minute and laptop screen the next

    The trick is to power down the larger second display before disconnecting it. That allows Photoshop to transfer to the laptop screen.

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    I'm moving everything to Ionic ...

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  • 07/24/19--01:41: Re: Quick Print Error
  • I'm having a similar issue. Running Windows 10 (but I had exactly the same issue with 7) and outlook with the latest version of DC, when using "quick" print. If I try to print off more than one email attachment (.pdf) I constantly get error messages saying the file cannot be found. If I sit and wait for Adobe to fully open and close i.e. very slow print, it's OK.

    Why does is stumble along so badly nowadays, it never used to have this problem. You could "Quick print" a whole bunch of mails and just wait for the printer to catch Adobe "can't find file" that hasn't been least not by me.

    I'm sure there's some excuse but something that works properly would be more useful to me. It is such a waste of time having to sit and wait for 30+ individual email attachments to print rather than just getting on with it. Something that takes twice the time it used a few years ago, to perform the same function, is NOT what I would call an improvement...

    Nostalgia, may not be what it used to be but then again, neither is Adobe...

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  • 07/24/19--01:41: Re: Scroll Depth Tracking
  • HI Vinay,


    Its not mandatory to set rule to work globally with all pages. Its all depend on when you want to fire this.



    Kumararaja K

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  • 07/24/19--01:41: Photoshop express is slow
  • Photoshop express is slow I am an American AmericanTraveling in Italy. I can use Photoshop mobile express but it runs very slow. When I am finished editing a photo and press done, the app hangs. Is there a solution to this?

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    By renaming to EPS, it 'works' on photoshop (obviouslt still rasterized), but I still get an error that I don't have with other EPS with inkscape.


    I will just use other services next time I am looking for stock vector.

    You are trying your best to help, thank you a lot for that, but the support which is the one which should be on the case are doing nothing at all.

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    Thank you for the help! This method works fine, but can I write  files not only with *.tmp extension with this method ? For example I want to write *.txt file in temp path ?

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    Hi Katharinag,


    Sorry to hear about the trouble.

    As mentioned, while printing a PDF Adobe Reader hangs out, is it a behavior with all the files you are printing via Reader DC or specific one? What is that notification you are referring above?

    • If this happens with all the files, then you may follow the troubleshooting steps suggested in the help document here: Troubleshoot PDF printing in Acrobat and Reader
    • To check versionOpen Reader>Help>About Reader DC, to install latest update Open Reader>Help>Check for update
    • For testing, Navigate to Reader>Edit>Preferences>Security (Enhanced)>disable "Protected Mode at Startup" and "Enhanced Security">OK>Reboot Reader
    • Open PDF, try printing it and see if Reader hangs again.

    Let us know the result.



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    Thank you for the reply. Is it a case of using shapes etc and start from new to recreate the logo then?

    It depends ion the logo which Tools best fit the task.

    Can you post an example?

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    As we have tried all the troubleshooting steps and still the issue remains unresolved, you may contact our technical team by clicking the dotted icon in the lower right corner in the link -Contact us | Adobe, they can take the remote access of your computer and help you with further troubleshooting on this issue.




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    No solution found to disable this feature, the recent locations are saved in this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\2017\AVGeneral\cRecentFolders




    You can create a [PS] script to remove the contents of that regkey and schedule it to run when you logoff/shutdown.

    Remove-Item -Path HKCU:\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\2017\AVGeneral\cRecentFolders\* -Recurse

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    I use Robohelp 2019.

    I set 3 filter groups: Language (English, German), Technical (tech1, tech2) and Steps ( step1, step2).

    Then, I assigned these tags to the topics. In such a way, each topic has one selection of each filter group. For example, Topic one is tagged with English, tech1, and step2. And Topic 2 is tagged with german, tech2 and step2.

    My purpose is to enable the user to have only the topics which have exactly the selected filters. For example when he/she selects English, tech1 and step1 the topic 1 should appear; but when the user selects English, tech1, and step2, no topics should appear.

    The problem I actually have is that the filters are seemingly applied with "Or" relations between them on the home page. For example, when I select german, tech2 and step2 I have all the topics with german tag and the topics with the tech2 tag and the topics with step2 tag. In other words, I have almost all the topics on the homepage. Then, when I access to a topic page, I have no content inside because the filters are applied now with "AND" relation. I do not use any condition expression.


    Any help, much appreciated!

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    Registry is not available on a Mac!

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    Expand the traced image, like Peter said.

    Because you did a batch in Bridge, you could make a (batch) action in Illustrator that does that: Object > Image Trace > Expand

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